Tanzania: Zanzibaris to Give Views On Proposed New Tanzania Foreign Policy

Zanzibar — ZANZIBAR: THE union government in collaboration with Zanzibar State House has organised two sessions for people in Unguja and Pemba to discuss and give their views about the proposed amendments to Tanzania’s draft of a new foreign policy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora (DFAD) under the Isles State House have organised the session in Unguja today, and in Pemba next Saturday, February 10, 2024.

Ms Adila Hilal Vuai- Director, DFAD said at the press conference here that today’s session will be the third, and the fourth will be held in Pemba, to receive opinions from stakeholders regarding the amendment of the foreign policy.

“We want most of the people to give their views so that we have a policy that has incorporated the views of the people,” Ms Vuai said as she thanked President Samia Suluhu Hassan for initiating the amendment so that the country has a policy that fits in the changing world of science and technology.

She said that the policy is what guides the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East Africa Cooperation to carry out its activities efficiently.

She informed journalists that the proposed policy also highlights the concept of economic diplomacy by participating in regional and international relations based on the broad interests of the economy.

She said the foreign policy is a statement that provides guidance and direction regarding the purpose, goals and foundations of the country in international relations, so the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and the Union Government recognise the importance of engaging the people in making decisions about national and international issues.

“Tanzania, like other countries in the world, has many opportunities and faces various challenges, so it needs to have a better policy to properly use the existing opportunities and overcome the challenges that emerge,” Ms Vuai said.

She explained that due to the importance of involving citizens in making the policy, Dr Samia, directed to ensure that all groups are involved in expressing their opinions before completing the process of amending the foreign policy of 2001.

The Director of the Department of Policy and Conflicts, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Mr Haji Janabi emphasised at the press conference that all stakeholders are invited to express their opinion on the new policy of foreign affairs.

Commenting about some of the shortcomings or gaps in the existing policy of 2001, he said, it does not address the issue of the blue economy, and the issue of Kiswahili is mentioned only as a common language while it is now a commercial language.

“If the 2001 foreign policy is reviewed and the people give their opinion, it will help to have a good new policy and the country to plan well,” he said, adding that the planned conference is a continuation of two conferences held in Dar es Salaam and Arusha.

The Minister of State- Zanzibar State House Affairs Mr Ali Suleiman Ameir is scheduled to officiate today’s meeting while in Pemba the guest of honour is expected to be Mr Mbarouk Nassor Mbarouk, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation.

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